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Harnessing the Benefits of Combining Chiropractic and Physical Therapy

Dr. Brent Brewer and Roy Janssen along with assistance from Sarah Rooney, design individually tailored recovery programs to strengthen the body, reduce chronic pain, and improve mobility and function. Since a "one size fits all" philosophy does not effectively treat most conditions and issues, we have found that Chiropractic adjustments and manipulations and Physical Therapy treatments, therapies and exercises utilized in unison, can often SUCCESSFULLY treat chronic issues such as: misalignment, scoliosis, sciatica, imbalance and weakness, back pain, shoulder pain, plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, ankle weakness, knee pain, headaches caused by tension, misalignment, limited movement issues and much more.

Insurance: BCBS PPO, AETNA PPO, United Healthcare PPO, MEDICARE  

Non-Insurance Rates:  $37/New Patient Special

(Includes Pain and Mobility Exam, History, X-rays if needed, Diagnosis and Treatment Plan)


NEW!  -  FAR Infrared Sauna Therapy  -  New!

Our NEW Infrared Sauna helps reduce stress on the body and mind by providing RELAXATION therapy and numerous other health benefits such as: increasing detoxification, reducing inflammation and pain, greatly increasing blood circulation, and promoting weight loss.  The red infrared light therapy along with the high heat helps promote collagen production, circulation and anti-aging of the skin.

$39/ 40 min Session  -  Buy 3, Get one FREE! 

Monthly Memberships:   4 Sessions per month  $89/mo. 

8 Sessions per month $149/mo.  Unlimited Sessions $169/mo.  


Massage Therapy

The profound healing benefits of massage therapy for stress relief and pain management through massage of muscles and tissues induces deep relaxation, lowers cortisol levels and promotes the release of endorphins for improved mood. This not only eases muscle tension but also reduces inflammation and enhances circulation, aiding in pain reduction and boosting immune function. By improving flexibility and range of motion, massage therapy offers a natural solution for chronic pain sufferers. Our Massage Therapists Crystal and Fred, are highly skilled and able to adjust the massage techniques for your needs. 

Insurance:  BCBS PPO, AETNA PPO 

Non Insurance Rates: 30 min Massage $60  -  60 min Massage $80  -  Buy 3, Get one FREE!


Nutrition Counseling and Weight Management Guidance

Proper Nutrition and Weight Management is vital for overall well-being. Excess weight  can impede upon the way we feel, our ability to move with ease as well as increase our risk for diseases and illnesses. Our Registered Dietician / Nutritionist, Dana Sivak, works with each person to create a personalized dietary plan that takes into account diet, exercise, sleep, stress, and general lifestyle, while aiming to nourish the body, aid healing, and enhance resilience against life's challenges. 

Insurance: BCBS PPO

Non Insurance Rates: $120 per 60 min Session  -  $60 per 30 min Session



Acupuncture is a traditional Chinese medicine practice involving the insertion of thin needles at specific points on the body. It aims to balance energy flow (qi) along meridians, alleviating pain and promoting healing. From a Western medicine perspective, acupuncture stimulates nerves and muscles, releasing endorphins and other neurotransmitters that reduce pain and inflammation. It's used to treat various conditions like chronic pain, headaches, anxiety, and even infertility by supporting the body's natural healing processes and restoring wellbeing from within.

Insurance:  BCBS PPO
Non Insurance Rates: $60 Per  Session

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