Health First Wellness Center

Personal Training

Personal Training is a one-on-one training session to improve all dimensions of fitness and health.

Our training studio has no machines or electrical equipment. You will learn how to improve your fitness correctly and safely with minimal fitness equipment and/or common at home fitness equipment (body weight, resistance bands, medicine balls, dumbbells, and barbells.)

Personal Training is individualized programming to address various concerns, including weight loss/gain, motivation, injury prevention, strength training, sport performance enhancement, Olympic Weightlifting, kettlebell instruction, occupational therapy, and CrossFit instruction.Personal training at Health First Wellness is NOT bootcamp. We work with you to help you improve your wellbeing with minimal discomfort. We do NOT believe in the old adage of "no pain, no gain."

Strength & Conditioning

Personal training entails strength and conditioning. Strength and conditioning involves the use of both muscle strengthening and stretching techniques in order to restore and enhance the body's neuromusculoskeletal function. Strength and conditioning techniques can help:

  • Decrease pain
  • Promote Muscle Strength
  • Increase Endurance
  • Promote Weight Loss
  • Improve Balance & Coordination
  • Boost Cardiovascular and Lung Function
  • Increase Bone Density
  • Prevent Osteoporosis
  • Prevent Heart Disease
  • Prevent Diabetes
  • Prevent Future Injury
  • and MUCH MORE!!

Meet Our Personal Trainer / Strength & Conditioning Specialist

Ricky Bracamontes, Exercise Specialist

Ricky Bracamontes, Exercise SpecialistRicky is our certified Exercise Specialist at Health First Wellness Center. He holds The National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) certification and has prior experience as a personal trainer. Ricky helps in the process of having our patients walk away with optimal relief and strength to prevent reoccurring pain and injury through exercise. In addition, Ricky does personal training at Health First Wellness Center for patients interested in taking their fitness a step further. Outside of the clinic, he enjoys hiking, traveling, and spending time with family and friends.