Naprapathy or Naprapathic Medicine is a form of manual therapy aimed at restoring the body's connective tissue (fascia) that covers the muscles and bones. This aids in returning your body's movement to its full potential, so less effort and strain occurs and your pain is reduced. Naprapathic techniques are performed at a low velocity, meaning the mobilization is applied more gradually and safely. This allows you to accept the treatment easier and retain the benefits longer. Naprapathy also has a unique system for treating imbalances in the spine. Treatments are designed to increase the integrity of your spine and health.

Cupping is a more eastern therapy, and has been used for ages as a great method for increasing circulation. New nutrients are also brought to muscles, tendons, and ligaments thereby improving their overall health. Patients feel great after a session of cupping.

Myofascial Tools- These tools are designed for breaking down scar tissue, and reducing pain in muscles and connective tissues. After application the tendons, ligaments and muscles are more versatile and are less likely to sprain or strain. It is a great tool for injury prevention and recovery. This practice stems from "Gua sha" which has been used for centuries around the globe.