Laser Hair Removal

​At Health First we have invested in only the best, safest and most effective equipment on the market.  For Laser Hair Removal we use the Syneron-Candela GentleMax Pro Laser which has both the Alexandrite and NDYag lasers so we are truly able to safely and effectively treat all skin types!

Unlike IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) hair removal true laser gives results in as little as 6 sessions and is permanent barring hormonal changes caused by natural life stages or medications.  IPL hair removal can take upwards of 12-15 sessions and within just a few years many have seen most if not all of their hair return making the time and money spent on their IPL treatments a complete waste.  The GentleMax Pro Laser is a true laser and gives real results for people of all skin tones covering from very fair to even dark skin tones.

Before having laser hair removal performed to remove your unwanted hair and enhance your beauty, it’s important to see what you may expect from the procedure. The investment in laser hair removal can be significant and the cost of laser hair removal requires that one know what to expect. Below are photos of actual laser hair removal patients. These laser hair removal photos are of patients before and after treatment. The results presented in these laser hair removal photos do not necessary reflect what you may experience.

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Our GentleMax Pro laser was featured on The Doctor's TV show