Poor Posture Can Cause Headaches

headaches and bad postureMany of your may be working from home in poor ergonomic settings, spending more time on your cell phones or watching the TV. This can easily contribute to poor postural habits that can cause headaches. Prolonged postural misalignment adds increased weights on the sensitive structures of your neck and spine!

We Can Help You Get Relief

When used in conjunction with other therapies, A Therapy Collar is ideal if you are looking for a conservative treatment option to help treat the headaches you may experiencing while at home. The Therapy Collar, which is typically covered by health insurance, is designed to reduce symptoms associated with cervical conditions such as cervicogenic headaches, Forward Head Carriage and something we like to call "Text Neck". Unnatural head positions from activities such as working from home can shift the cervical spine out of alignment, leading to radiculopathy, neuropathy and cervicogenic pain. A Therapy Collar promotes a restorative environment for healing by combing a component (air bladder) that helps achieve cervical neutral with hot or cold therapy intended to reduce inflammation and muscle spasm.

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